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    1. Watch Billionaire Richard Branson Marvel Over Virgin Galactic Glide Test
      Tue Mar 7 05:30:00 2017
      New footage of a Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo spacecraft soaring high above the New Mexico desert during a successful glide test last month shows company founder Richard Branson watching the event gleefully. [...]
    2. Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica Dies at 71: Well Miss You, Apollo
      Thu Feb 9 04:40:00 2017
      Actor Richard Hatch, who originated the role of Apollo on the science fiction television series "Battlestar Galactica," died this Wednesday Feb. 7 of pancreatic cancer, according to press reports . He was 71. [...]
    3. Flashback: Richard Hatch Talks Battlestar Galacticas Past and Future Video
      Tue Feb 7 05:36:00 2017
      At New York Comic Con in 2010, the Battlestar Galactica star talked with Newsarama host Justin Tyler about the show. Hatch passed away on Feb. 7, 2017 at the age of 71. [...]

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    3. Richard Garriott Part II

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