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    1. Dont Bother Neil deGrasse Tyson During the Solar Eclipse
      Thu Aug 17 10:25:00 2017
      Like millions of Americans, Neil deGrasse Tyson plans to watch the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. But hes keeping his eclipse-viewing location a secret. [...]
    2. Station Crew Grapples SpaceX Dragon Delivering Tons of Science After Thunderous Liftoff: Launch & Landing Gallery
      Wed Aug 16 22:01:25 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL Following a two day orbital chase and ballet of carefully choreographed thruster firings, the SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule launched at lunchtime on Monday Aug. 14 with tons of science and supplies arrived in the vicinity [...]
    3. Why NASA Is Launching Massive Balloons of Bacteria During the Eclipse
      Wed Aug 16 12:12:00 2017
      Mondays total solar eclipse will provide some much-needed wholesome enjoyment for all of us here in the United States. To make things even sweeter, NASAin collaboration with researchers at Montana State Universitywill be seizing the opportunity [...]
    4. Dawn Maneuvering to Third Science Orbit
      Wed Aug 16 08:45:22 2017
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft is using its ion propulsion system to descend to its third mapping orbit at Ceres, and all systems are operating well. [...]
    5. Mars Sample Return: Scientists Debate How to Bring Red Planet Rocks to Earth
      Wed Aug 16 06:37:00 2017
      With NASAs sample-caching 2020 Mars rover mission just around the corner, the best strategy for hauling Red Planet rock and dirt to Earth is a now a topic of considerable discussion and debate. [...]
    6. These Filmmakers Are Shooting a Western During the Solar Eclipse
      Wed Aug 16 04:27:00 2017
      A new Western-themed movie short will take place live during the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, giving a whole new meaning to "riding into the sunset." [...]
    7. Rosetta Comet Pouring More Water into Space
      Mon Aug 14 19:49:06 2017
      There has been a significant increase in the amount of water "pouring" out of the Rosetta missions comet. [...]
    8. During Eclipses, Astronomers Try to Reveal the Secrets of the Solar Wind
      Sun Aug 13 06:00:00 2017
      Total solar eclipses reveal layers of the suns atmosphere that cant be seen any other time. But solar scientists have to travel the world to see these rare events, and the weather doesnt always cooperate. [...]
    9. Eclipse Across America: Could This Event Bring Us All Together?
      Fri Aug 11 11:53:16 2017
      If you are looking forward to the August 21 solar eclipse as much as we are, youll want to check out a new series on CuriosityStream called Eclipse Across America. The four-part series takes an inside preview at this highly anticipated event. NAS[...]
    10. Day to night and back again: Earths ionosphere during the total solar eclipse
      Thu Aug 10 13:57:07 2017
      Three NASA-funded studies will use the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse as a ready-made experiment, courtesy of nature, to improve our understanding of the ionosphere and its relationship to the Sun. [...]

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