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    1. Rosetta Comet Pouring More Water into Space
      Sun Jun 25 10:36:29 2017
      There has been a significant increase in the amount of water "pouring" out of the Rosetta missions comet. [...]
    2. Dawn Maneuvering to Third Science Orbit
      Sat Jun 24 22:56:09 2017
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft is using its ion propulsion system to descend to its third mapping orbit at Ceres, and all systems are operating well. [...]
    3. NASA Awards Contract for Atmospheric Trace-Gas Monitoring Mission
      Thu Jun 22 15:00:00 2017
      NASA has awarded a contract to the University of Oklahoma in Norman for a first-of-its-kind Earth science mission that will extend our nations lead in measuring key carbon-based greenhouse gases and vegetation health from space to advance our unders[...]
    4. Get Ready for Major Traffic Jams During the 2017 Solar Eclipse
      Mon Jun 19 00:29:00 2017
      Millions of Americans are expected to travel to see the total solar eclipse that will cross the continental U.S. on Aug. 21, 2017. The event could create one of the worst traffic days in the nations history. [...]
    5. Brrr! How Much Can Temperatures Drop During a Total Solar Eclipse?
      Sat Jun 17 05:52:00 2017
      How much does the temperature drop during a total solar eclipse? It depends on season and location, but get ready for a sudden and noticeable chill. [...]
    6. Cassini Makes 8th Dive Through Saturns Rings
      Mon Jun 12 11:39:00 2017
      The Cassini spacecraft has made its eighth dive between Saturn and its rings, documenting the planetary system up close as it prepares for its Grand Finale plunge into the gas giant on Sept. 15. [...]
    7. Radiation Risk and Exploring Mars
      Fri Jun 9 11:03:43 2017
      Collateral damage from cosmic rays increases cancer risks for Mars astronauts , University of Nevada Las Vegas "Galactic cosmic ray exposure can devastate a cells nucleus and cause mutations that can result in cancers," Cucinotta e[...]
    8. Back to Back NASA Budget Hearings Today
      Thu Jun 8 17:14:47 2017
      National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Budget Hearing House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies 2:00 PM Watch Hearing: An Overview of the National Aeron[...]
    9. Watch Live! Now: 2017 Astronaut Class Interviews, Later: NASA Budget Hearing
      Thu Jun 8 08:20:00 2017
      NASAs newest astronauts are meeting the press in a series of televised interviews today through 1 p.m. EDT 1700 GMT. At 2 p.m. EDT 1800 GMT, acting NASA chief Robert Lightfoot will discuss the agencys budget in a House hearing. [...]
    10. California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Great Eclipse
      Thu Jun 8 00:24:00 2017
      A total solar eclipse that will sweep across the United States on Aug. 21 is expected to make a noticeable dent in solar-energy collection, prompting energy workers to concoct workarounds that will help them meet energy demands. [...]

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