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    1. Catch a Falling Star: Exploring Meteor Showers with Mobile Apps
      Fri Oct 20 05:40:00 2017
      Autumn brings longer and darker nights for skywatchers, as well as a bonus: an upswing in meteors, the bright and transitory trails of tiny particles that burn up as they plunge into Earths atmosphere at tremendous speed. [...]
    2. Rosetta Comet Pouring More Water into Space
      Thu Oct 19 22:50:17 2017
      There has been a significant increase in the amount of water "pouring" out of the Rosetta missions comet. [...]
    3. New Hubble Gallery Reveals Glittering Messier Objects
      Thu Oct 19 04:22:00 2017
      Ninety-three shining Messier objects have been imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope and are now compiled into a gallery that shows their glittering, shining shapes in stunning detail. [...]
    4. Distant Rings
      Thu Oct 19 00:00:00 2017
      Small moons orbit within the faint rings of the planet Uranus, as shown in this diagram. The rings form several narrow bands, shown in white, and a few wider bands, in blue and orange. Some of the moons acts as shepherds, keeping the ring material [...]
    5. Dawn Maneuvering to Third Science Orbit
      Wed Oct 18 02:01:48 2017
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft is using its ion propulsion system to descend to its third mapping orbit at Ceres, and all systems are operating well. [...]
    6. A gaggle of 7 moons keep Saturns rings from breaking apart
      Tue Oct 17 14:08:00 2017
      The gravity from seven of its moons stops Saturns bright outer ring from spreading out and dispersing into space, according to Cassini spacecraft measurements[...]
    7. To keep Saturns A ring contained, its moons stand united
      Tue Oct 17 11:43:52 2017
      For three decades, astronomers thought that only Saturns moon Janus confined the planets A ring -- the largest and farthest of the visible rings. But after poring over NASAs Cassini mission data, astronomers now conclude that the teamwork of seven mo[...]
    8. Cassini Battled Saturn Hard During Death Dive
      Fri Oct 13 06:12:00 2017
      Cassini fired its thrusters full bore for at least 91 seconds during its suicide plunge into Saturn on Sept. 15, battling hard to keep its antenna pointed at Earth for as long as possible, mission team members said. [...]
    9. Ignoring Half Of The Potential Space Traveling Population
      Thu Oct 12 09:36:52 2017
      Only 3 of 34 speakers at ISPCS International Symposium for Personal & Commercial Spaceflight are female https:t.coOnhRzQykjq ISPCS2017 pic.twitter.comIEyKVmkoS1 — NASA Watch NASAWatch October 12, 2017 sc[...]
    10. Haumea, the most peculiar of Pluto companions, has a ring around it
      Thu Oct 12 08:33:50 2017
      The trans-neptunian belt contains four dwarf planets, among which Haumea stands out for its extremely elongated shape and rapid rotation. A stellar occultation makes it possible to establish the main physical characteristics of this previously little[...]

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