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    1. Russian Space Robot Fyodor RobonautR5 Valkyrie Cage Match Cancelled
      Mon Apr 17 19:33:17 2017
      Russias New Space Robot Can Drive, Use Tools... and Shoot https:t.coPt6soPSa7q RobotsMachines fedor futurismvideos pic.twitter.comIT8QT0MLfz — Maximilian YellowDigits April 18, 2017 blockq[...]
    2. Dragon Capture Training and Robonaut Power Check Today
      Thu Feb 16 17:29:24 2017
      Three Expedition 50 crew members practiced today the robotic capture of the SpaceX Dragon resupply ship when it arrives at the International Space Station two days after its launch. A humanoid robot, better known as Robonaut, had its power supply che[...]
    3. Robo-Touchdown! For Super Bowl 2017, NASAs Robonaut 2 Shows Off Ref Skills
      Thu Feb 2 03:52:00 2017
      Sporting a referees hat and whistle, NASAs humanoid Robonaut 2 R2 showed off some Super Bowl referee signals in a new video. [...]
    4. NASAs Robonaut Referee Mimics Football Signals Video
      Wed Feb 1 10:10:00 2017
      The handlers of the space agency robot had some fun with it on the run up to the Super Bowl. Watch it make some of the refs signals. [...]

    1. Moon Robonaut

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