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    1. Chinas Robotic Cargo Ship Completes 2nd Auto-Refueling Test in Space
      Sat Jun 17 05:40:00 2017
      Chinas Tiangong-2 space lab and Tianzhou-1 vehicle have completed a second refueling test, Chinese space officials said. [...]
    2. Robots! Lasers! Dinosaurs! Geeky Fun Abounds at Future Con
      Fri Jun 16 01:25:00 2017
      Do you harbor a fondness for space robots and lasers? You might be ready for Future Con. [...]
    3. Please and Thank You: How DARPA Is Teaching Robots Manners
      Thu Jun 15 10:15:00 2017
      By teaching robots social norms, researchers think the machines could more seamlessly interact with humans. [...]
    4. Russia Launches Robotic Cargo Ship to Space Station
      Wed Jun 14 06:28:00 2017
      An uncrewed Russian cargo ship launched toward the International Space Station today June 14, kicking off a two-day trip to deliver tons of fresh food and other supplies. [...]
    5. Cargo Ship Ready for Launch as Robotic Arm Unloads Dragon Experiments
      Tue Jun 13 16:33:06 2017
      Russias Progress 67 67P cargo craft stands at its launch pad in Kazakhstan ready for liftoff Wednesday at 5:20 a.m. EDT. NASA TV will broadcast the launch live from the Baikonur Cosmodrome including the docking of the 67P Friday at 7:42 a.m. to th[...]
    6. Astronomy Cast Ep. 449: Robots in Space!
      Wed May 24 13:03:32 2017
      When you think of a robot, youre probably imagining some kind of human-shaped machine. And until now, the robotic spacecraft weve sent out into space to help us explore the Solar System look nothing like that. But that vision of robots[...]
    7. Spacewalk on Friday After Successful Robotics Work
      Tue May 9 15:45:14 2017
      The Expedition 51 crew is getting ready for a spacewalk Friday and working on several scientific investigations. Robotics controllers also swapped out a power relay box over the weekend through a complex and innovative robotic procedure. Astronaut[...]
    8. 5,000 Days in Space! Astronomy Robot Spitzer Space Telescope Keeps Scanning Video
      Mon May 8 00:26:00 2017
      Learn how the space telescope autonomously scans targets. The NASA space telescope launched on Aug. 25, 2003 and reached the 5000 day mark on May 3, 2017. [...]
    9. Canada Post Reveals Stamp for Canadarm Space Shuttle Robotic Arm
      Fri May 5 00:45:00 2017
      More than 35 years after it first reached out into space, the Canadarm is set to extend its legacy by appearing on a new Canada Post stamp. The new maple leaf-shaped stamp is part of the "Canada 150" series, marking the countrys sesquicentennial. [...]
    10. Happy Birthday, Canadarm2! Spacecraft-Grabbing Robotic Arm Turns 16
      Mon Apr 24 04:00:00 2017
      Happy birthday, Canadarm2! A Canadian-made robotic arm affixed outside the International Space Station turns 16 years old today April 24. [...]

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