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    1. Tiny Slowdown in Earths Rotation Could Unleash Major Earthquakes
      Tue Nov 21 11:56:00 2017
      The slowdown in Earths rotation could trigger more earthquakes next year, new research suggests. [...]
    2. Physicists offer explanation for diverse galaxy rotations
      Thu Sep 14 14:22:31 2017
      Physicists have found a simple and viable explanation for the diversity observed in galactic rotations. They report that diverse galactic-rotation curves, a graph of rotation speeds at different distances from the center, can be naturally explained i[...]
    3. Shedding light on Galaxies rotation secrets
      Thu Jul 13 14:48:58 2017
      Spiral galaxies are found to be strongly rotating, with an angular momentum higher by a factor of about 5 than ellipticals. In a new study, the researchers have traced back the dichotomy in the angular momentum of spiral and elliptical galaxies to th[...]
    4. Suns rotation is slowed down by its own photons
      Tue Feb 7 08:37:00 2017
      The suns layers slow the escape of photons of sunlight, and when they finally stream away they return the favour by slowing the rotation of its outer layer[...]

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    2. Rocket Launch from the Ocean
    3. Synchronous Rotation
    4. NASA Cassini Possibly Finds Water

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