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    1. Over Seven Years the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge has Engaged Hundreds of Students
      Thu Dec 7 12:40:00 2017
      If I told you that over the course of the last seven years upwards of a thousand Canadian students had participated in developing CubeSat missions you might think this was a the result of a Canadian Space Agency CSA initiative. You would be wrong [...]
    2. Procurement Process of Canadas Next Military Satellite Project Stuck in the 20th Century
      Wed Dec 6 10:41:31 2017
      The Department of National Defence DND this week released the long anticipated Request for Information for the Enhanced Satellite Communication Project Polar ESPC-P, or simply called Escape. If rapid development and deployment was import[...]
    3. Rocket Labs Tiny-Satellite Launcher Will Get 2nd Test in December
      Wed Nov 29 05:05:00 2017
      The spaceflight startup Rocket Lab has scheduled the second test flight of its innovative Electron rocket, a small vehicle built to accommodate small satellites and other petite payloads. [...]
    4. Chinas Cosmic Monkey King Satellite Looks for Dark Matter
      Wed Nov 29 04:33:00 2017
      By analyzing cosmic rays in space, the "Monkey King" satellite from China is now helping pin down the identity of dark matter, a new study finds. [...]
    5. Soyuz Satellites Feared Lost in Launch Failure
      Wed Nov 29 01:46:00 2017
      Nineteen satellites launched on a Soyuz rocket Nov. 28 are now widely assumed to be lost, with one of the companies involved in the mission stating that the launch was a failure. [...]
    6. Telesat Losses First Prototype LEO Satellite as Russian Launch Ends in Failure
      Tue Nov 28 12:37:51 2017
      Human error is suspected according to Russian state news agency Interfax in the loss today of RussiasMeteor-M weather satellite and 18 other secondary payloads which included Telesats first Low Earth Orbit LEO prototype satellite. T[...]
    7. Russia Loses Contact with Satellites After Soyuz Rocket Launch
      Tue Nov 28 10:42:00 2017
      Controllers have been unable to contact a weather satellite launched on a Soyuz rocket from the countrys new spaceport Nov. 28, raising fears of a launch failure. [...]
    8. US Military Gets Taste of New Satellite Technology for Unmanned Aircraft
      Tue Nov 28 02:20:00 2017
      An unmanned aircraft in a test in August switched between two spot beams on an Intelsat high-throughout satellite. [...]
    9. US Army Space Week to Shine Light on Why Soldiers Care About Satellites
      Mon Nov 27 05:01:00 2017
      Army leaders designated Nov. 27 Dec. 1 as "space week" with a dual focus on what the Army needs and does in space. [...]
    10. On-Orbit Satellite Servicing: The Next Big Thing in Space?
      Sat Nov 25 05:04:00 2017
      Safety standards and other norms need to be in place to fuel investments and research in space applications. [...]

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