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    1. PSLV-C38 Successfully Launches 31 Satellites in a Single Flight
      Fri Jun 23 03:58:59 2017
      Indias Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, in its 40th flight PSLV-C38, launched the 712 kg Cartosat-2 series satellite for earth observation and 30 co-passenger satellites together weighing about 243 kg at lift-off into a 505 km polar Sun Synchronous [...]
    2. Arianespace Rocket Launches Two Heavy Satellites to Get Back on Schedule
      Fri Jun 2 04:57:00 2017
      New Jersey European launch provider Arianespaces successful launch of ViaSat and Eutelsat telecommunications satellites June 1 on an Ariane 5 rocket marked the completion of all missions offset by protests in French Guiana during March and April. [...]
    3. Truly Chilling: US Satellites Vulnerable to Enemy Attack, Ted Cruz Says
      Wed May 17 00:30:00 2017
      The United States critical satellite infrastructure is vulnerable to attack by increasingly capable adversaries, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, warned Tuesday May 16. [...]
    4. Newly Declassified Document About Spy Satellites on the Space Shuttle Leaves the Sexy Bits To Your Imagination
      Fri May 12 06:30:00 2017
      Whats the first thing you think about when you think of NASAs space shuttle program? Sally Ride? Spinning in microgravity? The Challenger explosion? That episode of the Simpsons ? You might not think about the US military and intelligence commun[...]
    5. High-Speed Space Broadband for Everyone. SpaceX Details their Plans to Launch 1000s of Internet Satellites
      Fri May 5 14:11:57 2017
      At a Senate hearing, SpaceX laid out its vision to provide global access to broadband internet with a "constellation of satellites". The post High-Speed Space Broadband for Everyone. SpaceX Details their Plans to Launch 1000s of Internet Satellit[...]
    6. Lightning and Probably Satellites Seen from Space Station Video
      Tue Apr 25 10:50:00 2017
      European Space Agency ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet captured imagery of Earth while orbiting over California aboard the International Space Station on April 17, 2017. [...]
    7. Dime-Size Thrusters Could Propel Satellites, Spacecraft
      Thu Mar 23 06:20:00 2017
      A new propulsion engine with dime-size thrusters could be used to propel a host of spacecraft, from small satellites to crewed ships designed for interplanetary exploration. [...]
    8. Small Satellites Have Big Benefits For NASA Video
      Tue Mar 21 02:48:00 2017
      The space agency is thinking small, in terms of satellite size, for a number of current and future missions. [...]
    9. North Korea Tests Rocket Engine: Is It for Satellites or Ballistic Missiles?
      Mon Mar 20 02:59:00 2017
      North Korea has once again tested technology that could help get satellites, or long-range missiles, off the ground. [...]
    10. OneWeb Breaks Ground on a Florida Factory That Will Build Thousands of Satellites
      Sat Mar 18 07:00:00 2017
      OneWeb Satellites, the joint venture between rising satellite operator OneWeb and manufacturing giant Airbus, broke ground March 16 on a dedicated factory that will build thousands of OneWeb satellites instead of the hundreds originally envisioned. [...]

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