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    1. Space Industry Takes Prominent Role in Trumps National Security Strategy
      Thu Dec 21 10:45:00 2017
      Trump: The U.S. government will team up with commercial firms to "improve the resiliency of our space architecture." [...]
    2. Trumps National Security Strategy to Stress Technological Innovation
      Mon Dec 18 03:56:00 2017
      President Trump is unveiling a new national security strategy that focuses on ensuring U.S. economic prosperity, defending the homeland and posturing the nation to compete against rising technological powers. [...]
    3. DARPA Aims to Disrupt National Security Space Business
      Sun Nov 26 07:42:00 2017
      DARPAs Fred Kennedy: Our savior is going to be the commercial sector." [...]
    4. Annual Space Security Index Report Released Space Debris Still Tops the List
      Thu Oct 26 15:01:40 2017
      It should not come as a surprise that space debris tops the list of issues in the 2017 edition of the Space Security Index. According to the report today the U.S. Department of Defense is using the Space Surveillance Network to track some 23,[...]
    5. DARPA Ties XS-1 Military Space Plane Project to National Security
      Wed Oct 25 06:35:00 2017
      Why does DARPA want to build a reusable space plane? An agency representative explains what small satellites have to do with national defense. [...]
    6. Blue Origin Shows Interest in National Security Launches
      Thu Oct 12 04:14:00 2017
      The new chief executive of Blue Origin told the National Space Council his company is in discussions about certifying its New Glenn rocket for government missions, a shift in strategy that could put the company in competition with a customer. [...]
    7. SpaceQ Podcast Episode 3 The Space Security Index and Canada
      Thu Jun 22 14:15:24 2017
      My guest for episode 3 is Jessica West who is the Project Manager for the annual Space Security Index published by Project Ploughshares. The Space Security Index tracks developments and activities related to four indicators of the security of outer [...]
    8. NASA OIG Reports Improvements to Security of Cloud Computing Services but Some Weaknesses Remain
      Tue Feb 7 11:32:41 2017
      NASA OIG: Security of NASAs Cloud Computing Services "While NASA has made improvements since our 2013 audit, continuing weaknesses in its governance and risk management processes have prevented the Agency from fully realizing the b[...]
    9. NASA Still Has No Effective Information Security Program
      Tue Jan 10 10:12:08 2017
      Final Memorandum, Federal Information Security Modernization Act: Fiscal Year 2016 Evaluation IG-17-002; A-16-009-00 "In preparation for public release, selected portions of this report containing sensitive security informatio[...]
    10. Short Cuts: Space Security 2016, SmallSats, Space Resource Utilization Law and Upcoming Events
      Tue Nov 8 04:46:54 2016
      In todays Short Cuts: The 2016 Space Security Index has been released, the Canadian Space Agency CSA comments on the CubeSat call for Letters of Intent, space resource utilization law, this weeks and upcoming events. If you wou[...]

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