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    1. Bigelow and ULA are Sending a Habitat to Lunar Orbit by 2022
      Thu Oct 19 17:18:53 2017
      Bigelow Aerospace and United Launch Alliance announced on Tuesday that theyll be sending their own inflatable habitat to lunar orbit by 2022. Theyre calling it the Lunar Depot. Part laboratory, part hotel, the habitat will serve as a d[...]
    2. Aerospace firm wants to send an inflatable habitat to orbit the moon
      Tue Oct 17 22:46:00 2017
      Bigelow Aerospace has been working on inflatable space habitats for a while now. The company sent a small inflatable unit to the ISS that added a small living area on the space station and it partnered with United Launch Alliance ULA[...]
    3. Dawn Sends Sharper Scenes from Ceres
      Tue Oct 17 13:17:30 2017
      The closest-yet views of Ceres, delivered by NASAs Dawn spacecraft, show the small worlds features in unprecedented detail, including Ceres tall, conical mountain; crater formation features and narrow, braided fractures. [...]
    4. Ion Thruster Prototype Breaks Records in Tests, Could Send Humans to Mars
      Fri Oct 13 06:00:00 2017
      A thruster being developed for a future crewed mission to Mars broke several records during a recent testing campaign. [...]
    5. Send Your Name to Mars Aboard NASAs InSight Lander!
      Tue Oct 10 10:21:00 2017
      NASA is offering another chance for you to send your name to Mars aboard the InSight lander launching to the Red Planet next year. [...]
    6. Astronaut Sends Prayers to Puerto Rico from Space
      Fri Sep 29 06:30:00 2017
      NASA astronaut Joe Acaba beamed prayers and support for the people of Puerto Rico down from the International Space Station this week in the aftermath of Hurricane Marias devastation to the U.S. territory. [...]
    7. Farewell, Cassini: Gorgeous Final Photos Are a Fitting Send-Off for Saturn Probe
      Mon Sep 18 05:59:00 2017
      The Cassini spacecraft burned up in the skies of Saturn on Sept. 15, but the probe said goodbye with some stunning images. [...]
    8. Vaporize! Cassini Gets Operatic Saturn Send-Off from Star Trek: Voyager Actor
      Wed Sep 13 06:30:00 2017
      Instead of "energize," a famous "Star Trek: Voyager" cast member has a new command for the almost-finished Cassini mission at Saturn: "Vaporize!" [...]
    9. Heavy Stellar Traffic Sends Dangerous Comets Our Way
      Fri Sep 1 05:15:00 2017
      Sixty-six million years ago Earth underwent a cataclysmic change. Back then, our planet was dominated by dinosaurs, but a mass extinction event hastened the demise of these huge reptiles and paved the way for the mammalian takeover. [...]
    10. Report Says NASA Should Do Big Things And Just Send Them Money
      Thu Aug 24 10:12:41 2017
      NASA Should Continue its Large Strategic Missions to Maintain United States Global Leadership in Space "NASAs large strategic missions like the Hubble Space Telescope, the Curiosity rover on Mars, and the Terra Earth observation sa[...]

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