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    1. Bright Spots Shine in Newest Dawn Ceres Images
      Fri Dec 15 07:42:41 2017
      New images of dwarf planet Ceres, taken by NASAs Dawn spacecraft, show the cratered surface of this mysterious world in sharper detail than ever before. [...]
    2. New Clues to Ceres Bright Spots and Origins
      Thu Dec 14 16:34:53 2017
      Ceres reveals some of its well-kept secrets in two new studies in the journal Nature, thanks to data from NASAs Dawn spacecraft. [...]
    3. Bright Spots and Color Differences Revealed on Ceres
      Thu Dec 14 16:25:05 2017
      Dawn mission scientists have unveiled new images from the spacecrafts lowest orbit at Ceres, including the mysterious bright spots in Occator Crater. [...]
    4. Ceres Bright Spots Come Back Into View
      Thu Dec 14 12:50:49 2017
      The two brightest spots on dwarf planet Ceres, which have fascinated scientists for months, are back in view in the newest images from NASAs Dawn spacecraft. [...]
    5. Ceres Bright Spots Seen in Striking New Detail
      Thu Dec 14 07:20:07 2017
      The brightest spots on the dwarf planet Ceres gleam with mystery in new views delivered by NASAs Dawn spacecraft. [...]
    6. Ceres Spots Continue to Mystify in Latest Dawn Images
      Thu Dec 14 06:36:20 2017
      The closer we get to Ceres, the more intriguing the distant dwarf planet becomes. [...]
    7. Dwarf Planet Ceres Bright Spots Suggest an Ancient Ocean
      Thu Dec 14 06:23:00 2017
      Ceres bright patches may overlie pools of salty water, which could be the remnants of an ancient, subsurface ocean. [...]
    8. NASA Radar Spots Relatively Large Asteroid Prior to Flyby
      Thu Dec 14 05:03:52 2017
      Radar images of asteroid 2014 JO25 were obtained early Tuesday morning, with NASAs 70-meter antenna at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in California. [...]
    9. Ceres Animation Showcases Bright Spots
      Wed Dec 13 14:34:37 2017
      The mysterious bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres are better resolved in a new sequence of images taken by NASAs Dawn spacecraft on May 3 and 4, 2015. [...]
    10. Dreaming of a White Cosmos: Hubble Spots Star Blizzard
      Wed Dec 13 06:31:00 2017
      A seasonally appropriate blizzard of stars fills this Hubble view of a cluster located 41,000 light-years from Earth. The image captures 150,000 glittering stars. [...]

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    1. Hubble Spots Rare Double Einstein Ring

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