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    1. The Solar Eclipse Is Visible in NYC Today Aug. 21, Starting at 1:23 p.m.
      Mon Aug 21 08:30:00 2017
      New York City isnt in the "path of totality," but millions of New Yorkers will be able to see a partial solar eclipse on Aug. 21 and its totally worth checking out, says astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. [...]
    2. Kickstarter commemorates Voyager with projects celebrating humanity
      Mon Aug 21 08:30:00 2017
      Forty years ago, the two Voyager probes were launched and to honor the anniversary, Kickstarter has created Projects of Earth -- a group of campaigns inspired by the Voyagers Golden Record that offer "unique perspectives on humanity, c[...]
    3. Dollar store mustard bottle sun finder
      Sun Aug 20 19:10:33 2017
      Probably self-explanatory from the picture, but just in case: tapeit to the scope, parallel to the tube, and when the spot of light coming through the nozzle is centered on the bottom of the bottle, youre on target. Some nice sunspots today. [...]
    4. Comet Pan-STARRS Marches Across the Sky
      Sun Aug 20 15:56:52 2017
      Comet Pan-STARRS poses with a spiral galaxy in new snapshots from NASAs NEOWISE mission. [...]
    5. Stardust Discovers Potential Interstellar Space Particles
      Sun Aug 20 11:31:32 2017
      Seven microscopic dust particles collected during NASAs Stardust mission may be the first samples of contemporary interstellar dust. [...]
    6. NASA Instruments on Rosetta Start Comet Science
      Fri Aug 18 21:50:25 2017
      Three NASA science instruments aboard the European Space Agencys ESA Rosetta spacecraft are beginning observations and sending science data back to Earth. [...]
    7. Astrophysicist predicts detached, eclipsing white dwarfs to merge into exotic star
      Fri Aug 18 15:24:21 2017
      Astrophysicists have discovered two detached, eclipsing double white dwarf binaries with orbital periods of 40 and 46 minutes, respectively. White dwarfs are the remnants of Sun-like stars, many of which are found in pairs, or binaries. [...]
    8. The Little Star That Survived a Supernova
      Fri Aug 18 13:21:55 2017
      By combining the light collecting power of Gemini Norths 8-meter mirror with a high-resolution spectrograph at the neighboring Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Maunakea, astronomers probe a speeding bullet in our galaxy. The researchers suggest tha[...]
    9. Another Nearby Red Dwarf Star System, Another Possible Exoplanet Discovered!
      Fri Aug 18 12:49:45 2017
      A new study from the University of Texas Arlington has indicated that the Gliese 832 system located just 16 light-years away may have a third exoplanet The post Another Nearby Red Dwarf Star System, Another Possible Exoplanet Discovered! appea[...]
    10. Amazon Sale: LEGO Star Wars Sets from 10 Deal
      Fri Aug 18 09:25:00 2017
      This week, Lego and Star Wars teased what theyre calling their biggest collaboration yet. If you cant wait for the Oct. 1 release of Legos new sets, Amazon is slashing the price of dozens of Lego Star Wars sets today. [...]

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