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    1. New National Defense Strategy to Shed Light on Pentagons Thinking About War in Space
      Fri Jan 19 06:15:00 2018
      How the military views outer space and cyberspace as battlefronts in future wars are likely topics in the administrations new national defense strategy. [...]
    2. Space Industry Takes Prominent Role in Trumps National Security Strategy
      Thu Dec 21 10:45:00 2017
      Trump: The U.S. government will team up with commercial firms to "improve the resiliency of our space architecture." [...]
    3. Trumps National Security Strategy to Stress Technological Innovation
      Mon Dec 18 03:56:00 2017
      President Trump is unveiling a new national security strategy that focuses on ensuring U.S. economic prosperity, defending the homeland and posturing the nation to compete against rising technological powers. [...]
    4. Canadian Space Industry Calls for Unity Ahead of Space Strategy Release
      Mon Nov 13 06:46:16 2017
      The Canadian space sector needs to stop the cross talk and unite its message after the government releases a Canadian space strategy, said Iain Christie, executive vice-president of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada. The i[...]
    5. OIG To NASA: Empty Goals, No Strategy, Not Enough Money
      Mon Nov 6 18:06:11 2017
      NASAs 2017 Top Management and Performance Challenges , NASA OIG "... In the long term, NASAs plans beyond EM-2 for achieving a crewed Mars surface mission in the late 2030s or early 2040s remain high level, serving as more of a stra[...]
    6. Trump Administration Tees Up National Space Council to Offer Cohesive Strategy, Former Insider Says
      Sat Sep 2 07:45:00 2017
      The Trump administration has identified representatives of the various government agencies who will serve on the National Space Council, which is likely to hold its first meeting "very, very shortly," Greg Autry said. [...]
    7. The Interview: MDAs Canadian Future and the Critical Need for a New Space Strategy
      Thu Aug 17 11:45:55 2017
      Were on a cliff. Thats howDon Osborne, President of MDAs Information Systems in Canada, described the current status in Canada without a new space strategy in place.But before you get too alarmed, Osborne did say[...]
    8. Minister Meets with the Space Advisory Board to Discuss Space Strategy Consultations
      Wed Aug 2 07:00:44 2017
      On Friday, July 28 Innovation, Science and Economic Development ISED Minister Navdeep Bains met with the Space Advisory Board to discuss the results of the recent space strategy consultations. We know this from Minister Bains who tweeted on Monday[...]
    9. New Canadian Space Strategy Delayed
      Wed Jun 21 07:47:28 2017
      Canadas new space strategy will not be unveiled this month as previously expected, but will be delayed until later this summer or early fall, multiple sources tell SpaceQ. There are two primary reasons for the delay. First, the Space Advisory[...]
    10. New strategy to search for ancient black holes
      Tue Jun 13 09:29:33 2017
      An interdisciplinary team of physicists and astronomers has devised a new strategy to search for primordial black holes produced in the early universe. Such black holes are possibly responsible for the gravitational wave events observed by the Laser [...]

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