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    1. Watch the International Space Station Cross Over the Eclipsed Sun
      Mon Aug 21 02:02:00 2017
      Sky gazers watching todays Great American Solar Eclipse were treated to a rare view of the International Space Station ISS when the spacecraft flew past a partial eclipse of the sun. [...]
    2. Dollar store mustard bottle sun finder
      Sun Aug 20 19:10:33 2017
      Probably self-explanatory from the picture, but just in case: tapeit to the scope, parallel to the tube, and when the spot of light coming through the nozzle is centered on the bottom of the bottle, youre on target. Some nice sunspots today. [...]
    3. The Sun Is Literally Boiling, Releasing Balls of Hot Horror Into Space
      Sun Aug 20 11:00:00 2017
      The Sun Is Literally Boiling, Releasing Balls of Hot Horror Into Space [...]
    4. NASAs Parker Probe Will Explore The Suns Hellish Atmosphere in 2018
      Sun Aug 20 05:26:00 2017
      During the total solar eclipse, skywatchers can see the corona: the hellish, mysterious outer atmosphere that NASA plans to probe in 2018. [...]
    5. Small Asteroid to Safely Pass Close to Earth Sunday
      Sun Aug 20 03:51:37 2017
      A house-sized asteroid will safely fly past Earth this Sunday, Sept. 7. The asteroid, 2014 RC, is about 60 feet 20 meters wide. [...]
    6. Eclipse research: Following in the moons slipstream to capture high-res sunspot images
      Fri Aug 18 15:24:15 2017
      While much of the research around the eclipse on Monday will focus on the effects of the Suns brief, daytime disappearance on Earth and its atmosphere, a group of solar physicists will be leveraging the rare event to capture a better glimpse of the s[...]
    7. Solar Eclipse Science: Sun Moon Earth Author Explains the Natural Phenomenon
      Thu Aug 17 05:56:00 2017
      Throughout history, solar eclipses have transformed from terrifying omens into the subject of scientific study, inspiring eclipse chasers to travel the world to witness the natural phenomenon. [...]
    8. The Suns Corona, A Fiery Halo, Is Still a Mystery to Scientists
      Thu Aug 17 02:23:00 2017
      Theres a lot we dont know about the sun including how its outer atmosphere gets so hot. [...]
    9. Stunning SpaceX Space Station Cargo Blastoff and Cape Landing Kicks Off Sunshine State Liftoff Trio
      Mon Aug 14 22:56:35 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL Todays Aug. 14 stunning SpaceX Space Station cargo delivery blastoff to the International Space Station ISS and flawless first stage landing from the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in the Su[...]
    10. Studying the Suns atmosphere with the total solar eclipse of 2017
      Mon Aug 14 11:53:43 2017
      A total solar eclipse happens somewhere on Earth about once every 18 months. But because Earths surface is mostly ocean, most eclipses are visible over land for only a short time, if at all. The total solar eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017, is different -- i[...]

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