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    1. SpaceX Launching Internet Satellites Aboard Used Rocket Sunday: Watch Live
      Sat Feb 17 04:30:00 2018
      SpaceX plans to launch the first two prototypes for its vast satellite-internet constellation Sunday Feb. 18, and you can watch the liftoff live. [...]
    2. Suns and daughters: The family tree that may unite all the stars
      Wed Feb 14 06:30:00 2018
      The chemical make-up of stars tells us a lot about their explosive family history. Unlocking those secrets could reveal how the galaxy got its shape[...]
    3. Long-lost relatives: An amazing poster of the suns family tree
      Mon Feb 12 10:00:00 2018
      A chemical comparison of 22 stars has revealed their common origins. Download this incredible poster to see the extended families of these stars[...]
    4. Watch Russia Launch the Fastest Space Station Cargo Flight on Sunday
      Sat Feb 10 06:45:00 2018
      A Russian Soyuz rocket will launch a cargo shipment to the International Space Station in record time early Sunday morning Feb. 11, and you can watch it live online. [...]
    5. Crescent Meets Ring: Catch the Saturn-Moon Pairing Sunday
      Thu Feb 8 01:32:00 2018
      If youre up before sunrise this weekend, look for Saturn in the southeast sky, hovering just below the crescent moon. Viewed through a moderate-size telescope, the ringed planet is a stunning celestial sight. [...]
    6. Magnetic Cages on the Sun Could Limit the Strength of Dangerous Solar Flares
      Wed Feb 7 02:02:00 2018
      New research may have identified an early warning sign of how powerful explosions from the sun might get, shedding light on whether they could damage communication satellites and power grids. [...]
    7. Astronomers Detect a Swarm of Tiny Objects Orbiting an Alien Sun
      Mon Feb 5 11:08:00 2018
      These dusty comets, speeding through distance space, are the smallest objects ever detected in another star system. [...]
    8. Venus and the Triply Ultraviolet Sun
      Sun Feb 4 06:19:44 2018
      An unusual type of solar eclipse occurred in 2012. Usually it is the Earths Moon that eclipses the Sun. That year, most unusually, the planet Venus took a turn. Like a solar eclipse by the Moon, the phase of Venus became a continually thinner crescen[...]
    9. Superfast Asteroid Zooms Safely By Earth This Super Bowl Sunday
      Sun Feb 4 06:09:00 2018
      A fast-moving asteroid will make a close flyby of Earth this Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 4, but it poses no risk of hitting our planet, according to NASA. [...]
    10. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Setting Sun Photo
      Fri Jan 26 01:59:00 2018
      Lady Liberty holds high her torch, which seems to be ablaze with a huge glowing orb as a helicopter photobombs her moment. [...]

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