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    1. SpaceX launches NASA resupply mission with reused rocket and capsule
      Fri Dec 15 11:14:00 2017
      Today SpaceX launched its first reused rocket for NASA. Both the Falcon 9 rocket itself and the Dragon capsule have been used prior to this resupply mission. Back in June , Elon Musks spacefaring venture put a reused capsule in orbit, but[...]
    2. NASA Sends New Research to Space Station Aboard SpaceX Resupply Mission
      Fri Dec 15 10:42:00 2017
      An experiment in space manufacturing and an enhanced study of solar energy are among the research currently heading to the International Space Station following Fridays launch of a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft at 10:36 a.m. EST.[...]
    3. NASA Television Updates Broadcast Schedule for Cargo Resupply Mission
      Wed Dec 13 15:01:00 2017
      NASA commercial cargo provider SpaceX now is targeting no earlier than 10:36 a.m. EST Friday, Dec. 15, for its 13th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station.[...]
    4. NASA Television to Air Launch of Next Space Station Resupply Mission
      Wed Dec 6 14:56:00 2017
      NASA commercial cargo provider SpaceX is now targeting its 13th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station for no earlier than 11:46 a.m. EST Tuesday, Dec. 12.[...]
    5. NASA Will Use a Previously-Flown SpaceX Rocket for Its Next Supply Mission
      Fri Dec 1 15:22:00 2017
      In what will be a historic first for the US space agency, NASA has agreed to send supplies to the International Space Station aboard a previously used Falcon 9 rocket booster. Read more... [...]
    6. NASA to Highlight Science on Next Resupply Mission to Space Station
      Tue Nov 21 16:05:00 2017
      NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EST Wednesday, Nov. 29, to discuss a number of science investigations and instruments launching to the International Space Station on the next SpaceX commercial resupply mission.[...]
    7. SpaceX Resuming Launches from Damaged Pad 40 on Dec. 4 with Station Resupply Flight for NASA; Covert Zuma Remains on Hold
      Tue Nov 21 13:48:36 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL After postponing last weeks liftoff of the covert Zuma spy satellite due to last minute concerns about the reliability of the payload fairing encapsulating it while poised for liftoff at KSC pad 39, SpaceX is set to at[...]
    8. NASA TV Coverage Set for Next Resupply Mission to International Space Station
      Mon Nov 6 16:39:00 2017
      NASA commercial cargo provider Orbital ATK is scheduled to launch its eighth mission to the International Space Station at 7:37 a.m. EST Saturday, Nov. 11 NASAs Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.[...]
    9. S.S. Gene Cernan: Space Station Resupply Ship Named for Last Man on the Moon
      Thu Oct 19 06:42:00 2017
      The last human to step off the moon is the latest astronaut to be memorialized with the naming of a space station-bound cargo ship. [...]
    10. Plutonium Supply for NASA Missions Faces Long-Term Challenges
      Fri Oct 13 11:25:00 2017
      While NASA and the Department of Energy DOE have restarted production of a plutonium isotope used to power some space missions, a new report warns of challenges that could threaten its long-term supply. [...]

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