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    1. Dawn Team Shares New Maps and Insights about Ceres
      Wed Aug 16 08:54:37 2017
      Mysteries and insights about Ceres are being discussed this week at the European Planetary Science Conference in Nantes, France. [...]
    2. Steamy Skies
      Sat Aug 12 00:00:00 2017
      Sagittarius scoots low across the south on summer nights. Its brightest stars form the outline of a teapot, with clouds of stars rising from its spout like steam. Those clouds conceal the busy center of the Milky Way galaxy. [...]
    3. Standford Team Creates mDOT, a Mini-Starshade for Exoplanet Research
      Tue Aug 8 14:41:15 2017
      A team from Standford Universitys Space Rendezvous Laboratory have created a small-scale demonstrator of Starshade technology to help in the hunt for exoplanets. The post Standford Team Creates mDOT, a Mini-Starshade for Exoplanet Research appea[...]
    4. For Minor-League Baseball Team, the Solar Eclipse Will Take the Field
      Sat Jul 29 07:20:00 2017
      The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes will start their baseball game Aug. 21 at precisely 9:35 a.m. local time, but will pause after one inning and the stadium will be plunged into darkness. [...]
    5. New Horizons Team Already Finding Surprises on Next Flyby Target
      Thu Jul 6 17:10:10 2017
      While the New Horizons spacecraft was heading to Pluto, scientists from the mission used Hubble and other telescopes to try and find out more about the environment their spacecraft would be flying through. No one wanted New Horizons to run into unex[...]
    6. Probe, Telescopes Tag Team to Spy Jupiters Great Red Spot
      Wed Jul 5 09:33:00 2017
      The Juno spacecraft is preparing to fly close over Jupiters Great Red Spot, with a little help from the probes ground-based friends. [...]
    7. Weekly Space Hangout June 23, 2017: NEOShield-2 Project Team
      Fri Jun 23 10:27:53 2017
      Host: Fraser Cain fcain Special Guest: This weeks special guests are the NEOShield-2 Project Team. NEOShield-2 is a 100 European Union funded project to develop technologies to avoid an asteroid impact on Earth. Guests: Paul M. Sutter pm[...]
    8. 110 Student Rocketry Teams Will Compete in Spaceport America Cup
      Mon Jun 19 05:50:00 2017
      Companies all over the United States will be hunting for new rocketeers to hire during the inaugural Spaceport America Cup this week, where students will fire their rocket creations as high as 30,000 feet 9,150 meters. [...]
    9. Success! New Horizons Team Pulls Off Epic Feat to Spot Next Target Beyond Pluto
      Fri Jun 16 00:14:00 2017
      The team behind the New Horizons mission to Pluto recently pulled of a challenging observation of the spacecrafts next target, MU69, as the object eclipsed a distant star. [...]
    10. Missouri Team Wins Student Mars Rover Competition
      Wed Jun 7 03:09:00 2017
      After three days of intense competition under the hot desert sun, the Mars Rover Design Team from the Missouri University of Science and Technology became the first team from the United States to win the University Rover Challenge since 2010. [...]

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