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    1. Dawn Team Shares New Maps and Insights about Ceres
      Thu Oct 19 09:28:19 2017
      Mysteries and insights about Ceres are being discussed this week at the European Planetary Science Conference in Nantes, France. [...]
    2. Starry Knights: UCF Football Team to Wear NASA-Themed Uniforms
      Wed Oct 11 04:38:00 2017
      A Florida football team is about to add a few stars to its Knights. The University of Central Florida Knights football team will wear NASA-inspired uniforms for a "Space Game" on Oct. 14, including a space mission patch and astronomical helmet. [...]
    3. Rosetta Team Finds New, Final Image Hiding in the Data
      Thu Sep 28 09:36:23 2017
      ESA scientists have found one additional image from the Rosetta spacecraft hiding in the telemetry. This new image was found in the last bits of data sent by Rosetta immediately before it shut down on the surface of Comet 67PChuryumovGerasimenko l[...]
    4. Tears and Applause: Cassini Team Reflects on Saturn Plunge
      Fri Sep 15 11:32:00 2017
      The Cassini team is proud of the little spacecraft that went far beyond expectations, sad to lose their constant view of Saturn and family of researchers, eager to return to that planet and its mesmerizing moons and ready for some champagne. [...]
    5. New Horizons Team Planning Additional Extended Missions
      Wed Sep 13 06:55:00 2017
      While still more than a year away from a flyby of a distant object in the solar systems Kuiper Belt, the team running NASAs New Horizons mission is already looking ahead to future extended missions that could include another flyby. [...]
    6. Steampunk Rover Could Explore Hellish Venus
      Wed Sep 6 06:11:00 2017
      This Venus rover concept looks like something out of science fiction from the 19th century. [...]
    7. NASAs Plan to Explore Venus with a SteamPunk Rover
      Thu Aug 31 13:58:51 2017
      A team from NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory is moving into Phase II of their plan to send a clockwork rover to explore Venus The post NASAs Plan to Explore Venus with a SteamPunk Rover appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    8. NASA Awards 400,000 to Top Teams at Second Phase of 3D-Printing Competition
      Mon Aug 28 15:28:00 2017
      NASA is making progress and awarding prizes in its competition to build a 3-D printed habitat for deep space exploration.[...]
    9. NASA goes Steampunk for its future Venus probes
      Mon Aug 28 08:21:00 2017
      NASA knows better than any of us that what seems normal today was once science fiction . So, it isnt afraid to bet some cash on some fanciful space projects via the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC symposium. This year, the agen[...]
    10. USA Today teams with Instagram to livestream the solar eclipse
      Fri Aug 18 12:18:00 2017
      The USA Today Network has announced that in collaboration with Instagram, it will livestream the total solar eclipse on August 21st. The feed will feature real-time video broadcasts by journalists in areas along the eclipses path of totality[...]

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