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    1. NASA Announces Latest Progress in Hunt for Asteroids
      Mon Aug 21 00:41:30 2017
      NASA is on the hunt for an asteroid to capture with a robotic spacecraft, redirect to a stable orbit around the moon, and send astronauts to study in the 2020s. [...]
    2. Ceres Spots Continue to Mystify in Latest Dawn Images
      Sun Aug 20 14:52:57 2017
      The closer we get to Ceres, the more intriguing the distant dwarf planet becomes. [...]
    3. NASA Successfully Launches Latest Communications Satellite
      Fri Aug 18 10:53:00 2017
      NASAs Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-M TDRS-M, which is the third and final in a series of next generation communications satellites, has successfully been placed into orbit following separation from an United Launch Alliance ULA Atlas V rock[...]
    4. NASA: July 2017 Didnt Even Need anEl Nio to Tie For Hottest July in Recorded History
      Tue Aug 15 22:49:21 2017
      Good news, everyone! The Earth is still like a car with the windows rolled up, and it doesnt seem like anyone is coming by with the keys anytime soon. Read more... [...]
    5. Science Laden SpaceX Dragon Set for Aug. 14 ISS Launch, Testfire Inaugurates Triad of August Florida Liftoffs: Watch Live
      Sat Aug 12 17:14:06 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL A triad of August liftoffs from the Florida Space Coast inaugurates Monday, Aug. 14 with a science laden commercial SpaceX Dragon bound for the International Space Station ISS - loaded with over 3 tons of NASA science, [...]
    6. Sunshield Layers Installed on NASAs James Webb Space Telescope as Mirror Cryo Cooling Testing Commences
      Wed Aug 9 22:58:27 2017
      The complex multilayered sunshield that will protect the delicate optics and state of the art infrared science instruments of NASAs James Webb Space Telescope JWST is now fully installed on the spacecraft bus in California, completing another maj[...]
    7. Einsteins Relativity Tested by Giant Star and Monster Black Hole
      Wed Aug 9 06:40:00 2017
      A giant star near the center of our galaxy hints, once again, that Albert Einstein was correct about gravity. [...]
    8. Vector Performs Second Test Flight of Smallsat Launch Vehicle
      Fri Aug 4 10:46:00 2017
      Vector, a company developing the Vector-R small launch vehicle, carried out what it said was a second successful low-altitude test flight of the rocket from a Georgia site Aug. 3. [...]
    9. Rigel: Orions Brightest Star
      Fri Aug 4 09:31:00 2017
      Rigel is the brightest star in Orion, and will eventually explode into a supernova, most astronomers say. [...]
    10. Why NASA Will Test its Asteroid Defense System This October
      Thu Aug 3 10:15:00 2017
      Sometimes, NASA gets to have a bit of funwith asteroids. This fall, the agency will have a grand ol time with one such object called 2012 TC4 , which will whizz past us at a comfortable distance of about 4,200 miles 6,800 kilometers at its abs[...]

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