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    1. 6 of the Best Places to See the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017
      Tue Jun 27 06:02:00 2017
      Here are six suggestions for where to see the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, whether youre a science lover, wine connoisseur or music fan. [...]
    2. New Mobile App from Exploratorium Museum Explores Solar Eclipse Science
      Tue Jun 27 06:00:00 2017
      A new mobile app from San Franciscos Exploratorium science museum lets users dig into the science behind the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse. [...]
    3. Student-Made Rocket Tops 30,000 Feet, Wins 1st Spaceport America Cup
      Tue Jun 27 05:57:00 2017
      A student team from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, took top honors last weekend at the 2017 Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico. [...]
    4. 20 Years of Nonstop Mars Coverage: NASA Red Planet Efforts Detailed Video
      Tue Jun 27 05:55:00 2017
      From the NASA Pathfinder mission in 1997 to the Curiosity rover, the space agency has had a constant presence on and around the Red Planet. [...]
    5. Dawn Heads Toward Final Orbit
      Mon Jun 26 18:21:57 2017
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft fired up its ion engine on Friday, Oct. 23, to begin its journey toward its fourth and final science orbit at dwarf planet Ceres. [...]
    6. Rosettas Philae Makes Historic First Landing on a Comet
      Mon Jun 26 15:40:02 2017
      After a daring seven-hour descent from its mother ship, the European Space Agencys Philae lander achieves a space exploration milestone: the first-ever landing on a comet. [...]
    7. NASA Completes Milestone Toward Quieter Supersonic X-Plane
      Mon Jun 26 15:03:00 2017
      NASA has achieved a significant milestone in its effort to make supersonic passenger jet travel over land a real possibility by completing the preliminary design review PDR of its Quiet Supersonic Transport or QueSST aircraft design.[...]
    8. Topsy-turvy motion creates light switch effect at Uranus
      Mon Jun 26 08:34:53 2017
      Uranus magnetosphere, the region defined by the planets magnetic field and the material trapped inside it, gets flipped on and off like a light switch every day as it rotates along with the planet, scientists have discovered. Its open in one orientat[...]
    9. Today in Space! June 26, 1954: NACA Moves to New High-Speed Flight Station
      Mon Jun 26 06:30:00 2017
      Find out what happened today in space on June 26, 1954, when the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics moved to a new facility at Edwards Air Force Base in California. [...]
    10. Rosetta Races Toward Comet Touchdown
      Mon Jun 26 06:29:29 2017
      After sailing through space for more than 10 years, the European Space Agencys Rosetta spacecraft is now less than a week shy of landing a robotic probe on a comet. [...]

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