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    1. Star Trek: Discovery Delays Explained ... And You Havent Seen the Bridge
      Wed Jun 21 01:49:00 2017
      After finally receiving a release date, Star Trek: Discoverys delays have been explained. [...]
    2. Star Trek: Discovery Finalizes Premiere Date
      Mon Jun 19 11:38:00 2017
      After numerous delays, CBS has set Sunday, Sept. 24 as the premiere date for "Star Trek: Discovery." [...]
    3. Watch Live 8:30 pm ET: How Star Trek Has Shaped Culture, Creativity
      Thu Jun 15 01:45:00 2017
      The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada will host a panel discussion about the new documentary "The Truth Is in the Stars" tonight June 14 at 8:30 p.m. EDT 0030 GMT on June 15, and you can watch it live here. [...]
    4. Update: Star Trek Discovery Expands Season, Sets New Debut Date, Gets Spin-Off Talk Show
      Fri May 19 04:39:00 2017
      On an away mission. [...]
    5. Star Trek: Discovery: Decoding the 1st Trailer of Treks New Chapter
      Fri May 19 00:54:00 2017
      A newly released trailer for "Star Trek: Discovery" hints at a complicated past for one of its main characters, while bringing in famous alien species such as the Vulcans and the Klingons. [...]
    6. First Full Star Trek: Discovery Trailer
      Wed May 17 09:59:00 2017
      Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. [...]
    7. First Full Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Unveiled!
      Wed May 17 09:59:00 2017
      Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. [...]
    8. Warp Driving! 9 Star Trek Cars Imagined from Starship Designs
      Wed May 10 08:00:00 2017
      Its time to take car design into warp drive. A car insurance company has imagined sexy futuristic cars based on the sleek designs of ships found in "Star Trek." [...]
    9. Watch Spocko Save Chris Pines Star Trek Crew in SNL Spoof
      Tue May 9 03:30:00 2017
      In a new spoof "lost" episode of "Star Trek: The Original Series," the USS Enterprise is saved not by Kirk, Scotty or Spock, but by Spocks half-brother, who hails from Queens, N.Y. [...]
    10. Star Trek Icon William Shatner to Take Zero-G Flight in August
      Fri May 5 09:44:00 2017
      This August, William Shatner will get closer to the final frontier than he ever did in his "Star Trek" days. [...]

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