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    1. Captain Burnham Has a Really Bad Day in Star Trek: Discovery Episode 11
      Mon Jan 15 02:54:00 2018
      This weeks episode opens with Burnham Sonequa Martin-Green musing on her current predicament. [...]
    2. Captain Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation Almost Had a Full Head of Hair
      Sat Jan 13 07:18:00 2018
      Most fans have probably never seen Patrick Stewart with a full head of hair. [...]
    3. Shocking Star Trek: Discovery Episode 10 May Confirm Fan Theory
      Mon Jan 8 11:29:00 2018
      Tylers past torture by Klingons is making him act erratically as the USS Discovery tries to escape from an alternate universe in this newest episode, which is one of the series darkest yet. [...]
    4. Trekkie Runaway Beams Up to Hollywood in Please Stand By Trailer
      Sat Dec 16 06:39:00 2017
      The opening scenes of a new drama sound just like a traditional "Star Trek" episode: "Captains log, final entry," the narrator says. "Spock and I are the sole survivors." [...]
    5. Quentin Tarantinos Star Trek to Be Rated-R: Report
      Fri Dec 8 06:33:00 2017
      Deadline says that the film will be rated-R - which would be a first for the "Star Trek" franchise [...]
    6. Patrick Stewart Would Return to Star Trek for Quentin Tarantino
      Fri Dec 8 00:36:00 2017
      "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actor Patrick Stewart says the idea of a Tarantino directed Star Trek movie would convince him to don his Captains uniform once again. [...]
    7. Quentin Tarantino Developing Star Trek Film With Help from J.J. Abrams: Report
      Wed Dec 6 06:11:00 2017
      Quentin Tarantino is in talks with "Star Trek" producer and former director J.J. Abrams to write and direct a new Star Trek film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. [...]
    8. Netflixs Black Mirror Is Doing a Star-Trek-Themed Episode!
      Tue Dec 5 07:08:00 2017
      A smarmy captain oversees a space crew filled with people wearing bizarre hairstyles and clothing. Yup, its got to have something to do with "Star Trek." [...]
    9. Star Trek Quiz: 12 Questions to Help You Live Long and Prosper
      Wed Nov 22 10:37:00 2017
      The "Star Trek" franchise is a huge universe, and it can be intimidating to beam into if youre not a core Trekkie. But never fear has a quiz fit for even beginner Trekkies fresh from Starfleet Academy. Are you ready? Lets warp to it! [...]
    10. Star Trek: Discovery Midseason Finale: Klingons, Spore Drives and Revelations
      Mon Nov 13 02:07:00 2017
      "Star Trek: Discovery" ended up being weirdly timely as the crew discussed an issue coincidentally making the rounds in Hollywood these past few weeks. [...]

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