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    1. Star Trek: Discovery: Voyage into the F-Bomb Frontier Follows a History of TV Cursing
      Fri Oct 20 04:20:00 2017
      While "Star Trek: Discoverys" F-bomb this week is not the first time Trekkies heard swearing in the final frontier, fans were still shocked by the series first appearance of the F-word. [...]
    2. Star Trek: Discovery Mudd-ies Up Tardigrade Science
      Mon Oct 16 05:00:00 2017
      "Star Trek: Discovery" is already breaking new ground. This episode includes what might be the series first f-bomb, a scene between two gay characters and gritty depictions of torture. [...]
    3. Star Trek: Discovery Cast Talks Characters, Continuity, Klingons
      Tue Oct 10 05:48:00 2017
      The cast and crew of Discovery discussed their contributions to the show so far and gave tantalizing hints about its future. [...]
    4. Klingon Politics Versus Tardigrade Science in Star Trek: Discovery, Episode 4
      Tue Oct 10 05:30:00 2017
      With Michael Burnham Sonequa Martin-Green now assigned to the USS Discoverys science division, "rank none," we started Episode 4 hoping to learn more about the mysterious spore drive. [...]
    5. Star Trek: Discovery Cast Tackles Criticism, Racism
      Tue Oct 10 03:53:00 2017
      The Star Trek: Discovery cast and crew talked about how the show is different from and surprisingly similar to its predecessors. [...]
    6. How Star Trek: Discovery Warps Science
      Sun Oct 8 07:30:00 2017
      Star Trek is set in space. At its very heart, it aims to be a story of exploration, of advancing knowledge, of science. [...]
    7. Star Trek Cameos Help Astronauts Live Out Sci-Fi Dreams
      Tue Oct 3 06:17:00 2017
      Ensign T. Virts likely wont be crossing paths with the USS Discovery; the retired NASA astronaut cameoed on "Star Trek: Enterprise," which takes place long before the new show "Discovery." [...]
    8. Tribbles and Technobabble Return in Star Trek: Discovery
      Mon Oct 2 01:50:00 2017
      Some Trekkies werent happy with first double-header episode of "Star Trek," saying it didnt feel like the rest of the franchise, but fear not: Trek lore is at the forefront of Episode 3. [...]
    9. To Celebrate 30 Years, Star Trek: The Next Generation Stars Visit Atlantas DragonCon
      Fri Sep 29 05:21:00 2017
      Four cast members of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" appeared at Atlantas DragonCon to talk about their favorite villains, their strangest fan encounters, and everyones favorite cat, Spot. [...]
    10. Star Trek: Discovery Review: Strange New World
      Tue Sep 26 10:20:00 2017
      Is Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access worth your time? Probably. Does it honor the legacy of Star Trek? Maybe. [...]

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