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    1. Station Crew Researching Mice and Microbes to Understand Human Impacts
      Wed Jun 21 17:23:28 2017
      The three orbiting crew members living on the International Space Station today explored the effects of microgravity on mice and microbes to understand how living in space impacts humans. Cargo transfers are also underway on the orbital complex after[...]
    2. James Webb Space Telescope to Undergo Testing in Apollo Vacuum Chamber
      Thu Jun 1 11:12:00 2017
      The scientific successor to NASAs Hubble Space Telescope has arrived in Houston for a pre-launch milestone trial using an historic and unparalleled facility that was built for the Apollo spacecraft. [...]
    3. Alien: Covenant Brings Bloody Thrills, Underwhelming Answers to the Alien Saga
      Fri May 19 06:30:00 2017
      In the latest installment of the "Alien" movie saga, another crew of space travelers inadvertently winds up face to face with some of the most horrifying extraterrestrial creatures Hollywood has to offer. [...]
    4. SpaceX Targeting Twilight Thunder for May 15 Inmarsat Blastoff Watch Live
      Mon May 15 00:41:24 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - SpaceX is targeting twilight thunder with the firms Falcon 9 rocketing skyward from the Florida Space Coast on Monday 15 carrying a commercial High-Speed broadband satellite for London based Inmarsat. The post SpaceX [...]
    5. Early Earth Was Almost Entirely Underwater, With Just A Few Islands
      Fri May 12 12:51:56 2017
      Ancient grains of the mineral zircon help researchers paint a picture of Earth in the Hadean Eon, and that picture is mostly water. The post Early Earth Was Almost Entirely Underwater, With Just A Few Islands appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    6. Europa Lander Could Carry a Microphone and Listen to the Ice to Find Out Whats Underneath
      Thu May 11 14:39:00 2017
      A research team from Arizona State University is developing a seismometer that could be mounted a lander mission to Europa to listen to its interior The post Europa Lander Could Carry a Microphone and Listen to the Ice to Find Out W[...]
    7. FAA Commercial Space Reorganization Under Study
      Thu May 11 07:04:29 2017
      GAO Requested to Study Restoring FAA Commercial Space Office to Secretarys Level , SpacePolicyOnline "Three members of the House have sent a letter to the Government Accountability Office GAO requesting a study on the feasibility [...]
    8. After the Flood: Author Kim Stanley Robinson Describes Future NYC Underwater
      Wed May 10 02:00:00 2017 talked with author Kim Stanley Robinson about how he developed his vision of a drowned New York, his thoughts on climate change and what role fiction has to play in determining what humans do next. [...]
    9. Bloomberg: Google co-founder Sergey Brin has a secret airship
      Wed Apr 26 00:28:00 2017
      A couple of days ago we got a good look at a "flying car" backed by Googles Larry Page , and now Bloomberg reports that Sergey Brin has a project too -- its a zeppelin. The airship "which isnt an Alphabet project" is being built in a l[...]
    10. Another Strange Discovery From LHC That Nobody Understands
      Tue Apr 25 12:20:21 2017
      "Enhanced strangeness production" surprises experimenters at LHCs ALICE experiment. The post Another Strange Discovery From LHC That Nobody Understands appeared first on Universe Today . [...]

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