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    1. Bizarre Blue Flashes and Glows May Reveal Thunderstorm Secrets
      Sun Oct 22 07:53:00 2017
      Bright, blue flashes stretch from the tops of powerful thunderstorms toward the edge of space, providing a fascinating celestial show for astronauts on the International Space Station. [...]
    2. Scientists Just Found the Perfect Spot to Build an Underground Colony on the Moon
      Wed Oct 18 15:55:00 2017
      For years, scientists have wondered if dark, crater-like features on the lunar surface might be entrances to giant caverns carved long ago by flowing lava. Researchers from Japan and the United States have uncovered new evidence to prove that these[...]
    3. Under the Galaxy
      Fri Oct 13 03:17:29 2017
      The Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, stands above the southern horizon in this telephoto view from Las Campanas Observatory, planet Earth. In the dark September skies of the Chilean Atacama desert, the small galaxy has an [...]
    4. A better understanding of space, via helicopter
      Thu Oct 12 11:26:53 2017
      An algorithm that helps engineers design better helicopters may help astronomers more precisely envision the formation of planets and galaxies. Researchers have created a new model for understanding how black holes, planets, and galaxies emerge from [...]
    5. Satellite Finds Hidden Upside-Down Canyon on Underside of Antarctic Ice
      Thu Oct 12 02:14:00 2017
      These upside-down canyons could contribute to the melt and collapse of Antarcticas floating expanses of ice. [...]
    6. SNC Dream Chaser Spacecraft Could Be Available to Canadians Under New Agreement
      Tue Oct 3 21:03:35 2017
      The Canadian Space Agency CSA and Sierra Nevada Corporation SNC today signed a memorandum of understanding that could see the Dream Chaser being used by Canadian researchers and businesses. This is a first step in a possible larger agreement. To[...]
    7. Megamasers in Galactic Cores Give Clearer Understanding of the Expanding Universe
      Wed Sep 6 03:59:00 2017
      By studying the emissions from the centers of certain galaxies, scientists can achieve a more precise understanding of how fast the universe is expanding. [...]
    8. What Does Space Look Like Under a Microscope?
      Mon Sep 4 07:00:00 2017
      Look at space under a microscope and what do you see? Nothing. [...]
    9. Station Crew Grapples SpaceX Dragon Delivering Tons of Science After Thunderous Liftoff: Launch & Landing Gallery
      Wed Aug 16 22:01:25 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL Following a two day orbital chase and ballet of carefully choreographed thruster firings, the SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule launched at lunchtime on Monday Aug. 14 with tons of science and supplies arrived in the vicinity [...]
    10. Beethovens Moonlight: Violinist Makes Music Under the Full Moon Photo
      Sat Jul 29 07:14:00 2017
      The moon has inspired not only astronomers and scientists, but also poets, painters, writers and musicians, such as Beethoven, who wrote the "Moonlight Sonata" in 1801 and this photo by Miguel Claro. [...]

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