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    1. Our Universe Isnt As Special As Wed Like to Believe
      Tue Feb 13 11:56:00 2018
      A new paper shows that even a universe with wildly altered physical laws might produce life. [...]
    2. Space Gifts 2018: The Best Valentines Day Gifts in the Universe
      Tue Feb 6 10:45:00 2018
      This Valentines Day, get your space-loving loved one something really out of this world. Whether youre shopping for a hardcore space fan or a sci-fi buff, its illogical not to consider these stellar gifts and gadgets. [...]
    3. Astronomers use a Galaxy Cluster as an Extremely Powerful Natural Telescope to Peer Even Farther into the Universe
      Sun Feb 4 15:17:26 2018
      An international team of astronomers recently discovered a fainter, older galaxy using the most extreme case of the gravitational microlensing technique to date The post Astronomers use a Galaxy Cluster as an Extremely Powerful Natural Tel[...]
    4. The First Results From The IllustrisTNG Simulation Of The Universe Has Been Completed, Showing How Our Cosmos Evolved From The Big Bang
      Fri Feb 2 15:01:37 2018
      The IllustrusTNG Project has created a large and detailed simulation of the Universe. Its helping us answer some important questions about the formation and evolution of...everything. The post The First Results From The IllustrisTNG Simulation Of[...]
    5. Should You Capitalize the Universe?
      Tue Jan 30 06:18:00 2018
      Grammar wars innnnnn spaaaaaaaace! [...]
    6. The Youngest Galaxies in the Universe Spin Like the Mature Milky Way
      Mon Jan 22 00:29:00 2018
      Astronomers observed two 13-billion-year-old galaxies spinning in whirlpool motions, which was thought to be characteristic of mature galaxies like ours. [...]
    7. What Is the Biggest Thing in the Universe?
      Fri Jan 19 10:10:00 2018
      Earth and even the sun are puny compared to a mighty, hulking source of gamma-rays. [...]
    8. See inside the universe in this stunning light sculpture
      Thu Jan 18 11:03:00 2018
      The complexity of our universe from the atomic scale to the cosmic is on display in Cosmoscope, part of Londons Lumiere light festival[...]
    9. Mystery Solved! Discovery of Organic Molecules Explains Universes Infrared Glow
      Tue Jan 16 06:00:00 2018
      The universe is filled with faintly glowing infrared light, and for decades, astronomers have been trying to figure out why. [...]
    10. The universe still seems to be expanding faster than it ought to
      Fri Jan 12 09:35:00 2018
      The universe is expanding but our measurements of the rate are all over the place and they just got worse, so we cant tell when the cosmos is going to die[...]

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