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    1. Our Expanding Universe: Age, History & Other Facts
      Fri Jun 16 08:00:00 2017
      The universe was born with the Big Bang as an unimaginably hot, dense point. offers an overview of the universe and its history, age and structure. [...]
    2. The Higgs bang: The particle that blew up the universe
      Wed Jun 14 06:00:00 2017
      It gives everything mass, and now some people think the Higgs boson sparked the stupendous split-second inflation that made the cosmos we see today[...]
    3. The largest virtual Universe ever simulated
      Fri Jun 9 09:22:51 2017
      Researchers have simulated the formation of our entire Universe with a large supercomputer. A gigantic catalogue of about 25 billion virtual galaxies has been generated from 2 trillion digital particles. This catalogue is being used to calibrate the [...]
    4. Were One Step Closer to Knowing Why Theres More Matter Than Antimatter in the Universe
      Thu Jun 8 13:27:31 2017
      The T2K experiment just released its first batch of data, which could help answer why there is an apparent imbalance of matter and antimatter in the Universe. The post Were One Step Closer to Knowing Why Theres More Matter Than Anti[...]
    5. James Gunns Post-Guardians 3 Plans Include New Element for Marvel Cosmic Universe
      Thu Jun 8 04:29:00 2017
      Your man in the MCU, apparently. [...]
    6. How Old is the Universe?
      Wed Jun 7 10:58:00 2017
      The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old. [...]
    7. Maybe the Aliens Arent Hiding, theyre Sleeping, Waiting for the Universe to Get Better
      Tue Jun 6 16:18:34 2017
      A new study by a team of researchers from the Future of Humanity Institute argues that the reason we havent detected any aliens is because they are currently sleeping. The post Maybe the Aliens Arent Hiding, theyre Sleeping, Waiting[...]
    8. Jackpot! Cosmic magnifying-glass effect captures universes brightest galaxies
      Tue Jun 6 14:57:22 2017
      Boosted by natural magnifying lenses in space, NASAs Hubble Space Telescope has captured unique close-up views of the universes brightest infrared galaxies, which are as much as 10,000 times more luminous than our Milky Way. [...]
    9. How Big is the Universe?
      Tue Jun 6 09:00:00 2017
      Based on what we can observe, the universe appears to be almost 28 billion light-years in diameter. However, it is far larger than that. [...]
    10. Festivals 2017: Feel at one with the universe
      Thu Jun 1 13:10:00 2017
      The universe is the word at Europes festivals this year, with no shortage of ways to explore the night sky and plenty of other science to pursue[...]

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