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    1. Ariane 6 Could Use Reusable Prometheus Engine, Designer Says
      Sun Oct 15 07:46:00 2017
      Europes upcoming Ariane 6 rocket, though designed to be expendable, could one day sport a reusable engine, according to Patrick Bonguet, head of the Ariane 6 program at ArianeGroup. [...]
    2. Lockheed Martin Unveils Sleek, Reusable Lander for Crewed Mars Missions
      Thu Sep 28 09:53:00 2017
      The spaceflight company unveiled a tantalizing design for a reusable, single-stage surface lander called the Mars AscentDescent Vehicle MADV. [...]
    3. Infamous three-body problem has over a thousand new solutions
      Wed Sep 20 12:02:00 2017
      A long-standing maths puzzle has 1223 new solutions, more than doubling the number of possible paths three objects can take as they orbit one another[...]
    4. Successful Static Fire Test Sets SpaceX on Target for Post Labor Day Launch of USAF X-37B Mini-Shuttle Sept. 7
      Fri Sep 1 22:56:46 2017
      PLAYALINDA BEACHKENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL Following a successful engine test firing of the Falcon 9 first stage late Thursday afternoon Aug. 30, SpaceX is targeting a post Labor Day launch of the U.S. Air Forces unmanned X-37B reusable mini-sh[...]
    5. Threat Tracking USAF Satellite Launching Nighttime Aug 25 on Cape Debut of Retired ICBM Minotaur Rocket: Watch Live
      Thu Aug 24 22:59:06 2017
      CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL A gap filling space surveillance satellite that will track orbiting threats for the U.S. Air Force is set for an thrilling nighttime blastoff Friday, Aug. 25 on the maiden mission of the Minotaur IV rocket from[...]
    6. USA Today teams with Instagram to livestream the solar eclipse
      Fri Aug 18 12:18:00 2017
      The USA Today Network has announced that in collaboration with Instagram, it will livestream the total solar eclipse on August 21st. The feed will feature real-time video broadcasts by journalists in areas along the eclipses path of totality[...]
    7. Cosmic velocity web: Motions of thousands of galaxies mapped
      Tue Aug 15 08:51:32 2017
      The cosmic web -- the distribution of matter on the largest scales in the universe -- has usually been defined through the distribution of galaxies. Now, a new study by a team of astronomers demonstrates a novel approach. Instead of using galaxy posi[...]
    8. In Space, This is the Age of Reusability
      Mon Jul 31 06:25:00 2017
      First and foremost, its hard to make profit in space. This is because we havent learnt how to recycle rockets yet. [...]
    9. The Weirdest Aliens of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
      Fri Jul 21 04:14:00 2017
      Thousands of bizarre alien species coexist in one giant alien megastrucure in the new science-fiction action film, "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets." Here are some of the coolest and weirdest extraterrestrial species in the movie. [...]
    10. This Beautiful Short Film Recreates the Moon Landing Using Thousands of NASA Photos
      Thu Jun 8 12:18:00 2017
      Theres no shortage of archival film footage of the moon landingarguably one of humanitys greatest achievements. But graphic designer Christian Stangl didnt use any of it to create this short film. Instead, Lunar was created by animating thou[...]

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