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    1. New White House R&D Focus Does Not Include Mention of Space
      Thu Aug 17 13:14:38 2017
      P FY 2019 Administration Research and Development Priorities , OMB Keiths update: The only space-related priority is missile defense. Thats it. Look at the word cloud larger image of the things this document says[...]
    2. Dawn Wins National Air and Space Museum Trophy
      Thu Aug 17 00:41:50 2017
      Dawn receives prestigious National Air and Space Museum Trophy. [...]
    3. Betelgeuse: The Eventual Supernova
      Tue Aug 8 08:54:00 2017
      Betelgeuse is well-known because of its bright size and easy-to-spot location in the constellation Orion. It is of astronomical interest because it will likely go supernova in less than a million years. [...]
    4. Even The Bots at LinkedIn Are Confused About Planetary Protection
      Mon Aug 7 10:16:05 2017
      If you visit LinkedIn NASA Planetary Protection Office job opening they send you email about similar jobs. Except they&39;re not Astrobiology pic.twitter.comKO4d6SZoEC — NASA Watch NASAWatch August 7, 2017 [...]
    5. Rocket Lab Figures Out Cause Of First Flight Anomaly
      Mon Aug 7 10:06:02 2017
      Rocket Lab Completes Post-Flight Analysis "Rocket Labs investigation team determined the launch, named Its a Test, was terminated due to a data loss time out, which was caused by misconfiguration of telemetry equipment owned and op[...]
    6. Neil Armstrongs Gold Apollo Lunar Module Model Stolen From Ohio Museum
      Mon Jul 31 10:14:00 2017
      A rare gold model of an Apollo lunar module gifted to Neil Armstrong shortly after the first moon landing in 1969 has been stolen from the Ohio museum that bears the astronauts name. [...]
    7. Neil Armstrongs Solid Gold Moon Lander Replica Stolen From Museum
      Mon Jul 31 09:30:00 2017
      Its been a bad couple of weeks for priceless artifacts from NASA history. First, a moon-dusted sample bag from Apollo 11 was privately auctioned , and now a solid gold moon lander replica that was gifted to Neil Armstrong in 1969 has been stolen [...]
    8. Space Fest and Touch Down at NYCs Intrepid Museum This Week
      Mon Jul 31 02:23:00 2017
      Calling all space nerds! This week, immerse yourself in all things interstellar at the Space & Science Festival, hosted by the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York! [...]
    9. House Approves Apollo 1 Memorial At Arlington
      Fri Jul 14 15:52:57 2017
      Keiths note: Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson D-TX submitted an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 that sets aside 50,000 stating "The Secretary of the Army shall, in consultation with the Adminis[...]
    10. White House Not Expected to Rush Development of New Space Policy
      Fri Jul 14 11:44:00 2017
      Two people who served on the NASA transition team for the Trump administration said July 11 they dont expect the White House to rush the development of a new national space policy. [...]

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