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    1. General Atomics Ramping Cubesat Production, Muses Railgun Smallsat Launcher
      Wed Oct 18 05:33:00 2017
      General Atomics is better known for building Predator combat drones and mining uranium than building spacecraft, but that could change as the company develops an interest in building defense-focused cubesats. [...]
    2. Dawn Wins National Air and Space Museum Trophy
      Tue Oct 17 09:04:08 2017
      Dawn receives prestigious National Air and Space Museum Trophy. [...]
    3. NASA Pinpoints Cause of Earths Recent Record Carbon Dioxide Spike
      Thu Oct 12 13:26:00 2017
      A new NASA study provides space-based evidence that Earths tropical regions were the cause of the largest annual increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration seen in at least 2,000 years.[...]
    4. Watch a House-Sized Asteroid Pass Close to Earth Tonight October 1112
      Wed Oct 11 17:21:49 2017
      On Oct. 12, a house-size asteroid will pass quite close to Earth only 26,000 miles 42,000 kilometers away. This is just above the orbital altitude of communications satellites and a little over one-tenth the distance to the Moon. But not to fear[...]
    5. Aurora Borealis: What Causes the Northern Lights & Where to See Them
      Wed Oct 11 04:47:00 2017
      Learn about the science behind the northern and southern lights. [...]
    6. Nanoflares in the suns plasma may cause its scalding atmosphere
      Mon Oct 9 11:00:00 2017
      Tiny explosions in the atmosphere may explain why the solar corona is a million degrees hotter than the suns surface[...]
    7. Dazzling Museum of the Moon Exhibit Opens Today in NYC
      Fri Oct 6 11:15:00 2017
      A new touring art display featuring a gigantic, glowing model of the moon has come to New York City. [...]
    8. Mysterious Dimming of Tabbys Star May Be Caused by Dust
      Wed Oct 4 15:41:13 2017
      One of the most mysterious stellar objects may be revealing some of its secrets at last. Called KIC 8462852, also known as Boyajians Star, or Tabbys Star, the object has experienced unusual dips in brightness -- NASAs Kepler space telescope even o[...]
    9. Art-ificial Satellite: Museum Wants to Launch Satellite Sculpture into Orbit
      Thu Sep 28 04:18:00 2017
      Artist Trevor Paglen and the Nevada Museum of Art want to launch the first-ever satellite with the sole purpose of existing as a work of art. [...]
    10. British Astronauts Spacecraft Launches on UK-Wide Museum Tour
      Tue Sep 26 06:47:00 2017
      You now have a chance to land the Russian spacecraft that carried the UKs first career astronaut to the International Space Station, virtually and perhaps physically. [...]

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