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    1. SpaceX launches NASA resupply mission with reused rocket and capsule
      Fri Dec 15 11:14:00 2017
      Today SpaceX launched its first reused rocket for NASA. Both the Falcon 9 rocket itself and the Dragon capsule have been used prior to this resupply mission. a href="https:www.engadget.com20170603spacex-re-launches-dragon[...]
    2. SpaceX to Launch Its Most Reused Rocket Yet Today: Watch It Live
      Fri Dec 15 05:30:00 2017
      SpaceX will launch a cargo mission to the International Space Station ISS today Dec. 15 in what will be another leap forward in the private companys plight toward full rocket reusability. [...]
    3. Giant storms cause palpitations in Saturns atmospheric heartbeat
      Wed Dec 13 11:00:50 2017
      Immense northern storms on Saturn can disturb atmospheric patterns at the planets equator, finds the international Cassini mission. [...]
    4. National Space Council Users Advisory Group Established
      Tue Dec 12 08:43:09 2017
      Notice of establishment of the National Space Council Users Advisory Group . "Purpose: The purpose of the UAG is purely advisory and shall be to ensure that the interests of industry, other nonFederal entities, and other persons inv[...]
    5. White House Space Policy Announcement
      Mon Dec 11 18:07:33 2017
      P Keiths note: Todays White House event will likely be carried live on NASA TV and will be online here as well White House Statement on Space Policy Directive 1 SPD-1[...]
    6. White House Space Policy Announcement Today
      Mon Dec 11 12:47:22 2017
      P Keiths note: Todays White House event will likely be carried live on NASA TV and will be online here as well White House Statement on Space Policy Directive 1 SPD-1[...]
    7. No NASA Jitters Ahead of SpaceXs Used-Rocket Launch to Space Station Tuesday
      Mon Dec 11 00:35:00 2017
      SpaceX is launching a used rocked and used spacecraft tomorrow Dec. 12 a first for the company, and a milestone in its quest for full and rapid reusability. [...]
    8. Moon-Related Announcement From White House on Monday
      Sun Dec 10 22:18:04 2017
      Subject: DAILY GUIDANCE AND PRESS SCHEDULE FOR MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2017 , PublicPool "Later in the afternoon, the President will meet with Congressman Bill Shuster before participating in a signing ceremony for Space Policy Directi[...]
    9. Krypton Trailer Shows The Fall of the House of El
      Sat Dec 9 08:23:00 2017
      A new trailer for SyFys Krypton, the series set in the distant past of Supermans homeworld, goes more in depth on the fall of the House of El - and shows that theres still "hope" left. Check it out here. [...]
    10. Just Like Home: Space Station Has Same Microbes As Your House
      Tue Dec 5 06:30:00 2017
      A new citizen science project examined the different types of bacteria living on the surfaces inside the International Space Station, revealing that the microbes from the orbiting lab are very similar to those found in homes on Earth. [...]

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