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    1. Dawn Gets Closer Views of Ceres
      Fri Aug 18 12:36:25 2017
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft, on approach to dwarf planet Ceres, has acquired its latest and closest-yet snapshot of this mysterious world. [...]
    2. Spoiler alert: Computer simulations provide preview of upcoming eclipse
      Fri Aug 18 08:21:54 2017
      Scientists have forecast the corona of the sun during the upcoming eclipse. The findings shed light on what the eclipse of the sun might look like Aug. 21 when it will be visible across much of the US, tracing a 70-mile-wide band across 14 states. [...]
    3. NASA Rover Opportunity Views Comet Near Mars
      Fri Aug 18 04:15:44 2017
      NASAs Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity caught an image of a celestial visitor -- comet C2013 A1 Siding Spring -- as the comet approached near to Mars on Oct. 19, 2014. [...]
    4. NASAs Dawn Spacecraft Captures Best-Ever View of Dwarf Planet
      Thu Aug 17 20:33:03 2017
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft has returned the sharpest images ever seen of the dwarf planet Ceres. [...]
    5. Ceres Bright Spots Come Back Into View
      Thu Aug 17 16:44:13 2017
      The two brightest spots on dwarf planet Ceres, which have fascinated scientists for months, are back in view in the newest images from NASAs Dawn spacecraft. [...]
    6. The Interview: MDAs Canadian Future and the Critical Need for a New Space Strategy
      Thu Aug 17 11:45:55 2017
      Were on a cliff. Thats howDon Osborne, President of MDAs Information Systems in Canada, described the current status in Canada without a new space strategy in place.But before you get too alarmed, Osborne did say[...]
    7. Solar Eclipse Paintings On View in New Princeton Exhibit Photos
      Thu Aug 17 11:29:00 2017
      A new exhibit at the Princeton University Art Museum was inspired by an extraordinary artist who harnessed both scientific knowledge and artistic practicality to produce enchanting paintings of solar eclipses. [...]
    8. 2017 Astronaut Candidates Available for Interviews Before Training
      Wed Aug 16 08:35:00 2017
      NASAs newest astronaut candidates, a diverse dozen women and men, will participate in media interviews and a final news conference before training on Tuesday, Aug. 22, at the agencys Johnson Space Center in Houston.[...]
    9. Total View: A Brief History of Solar Eclipses Seen From Space
      Wed Aug 16 01:30:00 2017
      Don Pettit has never looked up to see a total eclipse. Twice though, hes looked down. As an International Space Station crew member, Pettit is one of the few astronauts to not only view a total solar eclipse from space but see the moons shadow on Ear[...]
    10. Today in Space! Aug. 13, 2014: WorldView-3 Earth-Observing Satellite Launches
      Sun Aug 13 06:01:00 2017
      Find out what happened on Aug. 13, 2014, when DigitalGlobe launched WorldView-3: the sharpest-eyed satellite of all time. [...]

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