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    1. New Ceres Views as Dawn Moves Higher
      Mon Jan 22 07:18:20 2018
      Newly released images of Ceres from NASAs Dawn spacecraft showcase the dwarf planets diversity and wonder. [...]
    2. Ceres Bright Spots Come Back Into View
      Sat Jan 20 19:01:17 2018
      The two brightest spots on dwarf planet Ceres, which have fascinated scientists for months, are back in view in the newest images from NASAs Dawn spacecraft. [...]
    3. NASA Briefing Thursday Will Preview Upcoming US Spacewalks
      Tue Jan 16 15:54:00 2018
      American and Japanese astronauts aboard the International Space Station will embark on a pair of spacewalks Jan. 23 and 29 to service the stations robotic arm. Experts from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency CSA will preview this work in a briefin[...]
    4. National Geographics One Strange Rock to Reveal Astronauts View of Earth
      Tue Jan 16 00:07:00 2018
      "This is the story of the Earth, from the only people who have ever left it." That, in a tagline, is the premise of "One Strange Rock," a new 10-part television documentary series premiering in March on National Geographic Channel. [...]
    5. Previewing the Blue Blood Supermoon Eclipse of January 2018 Using Mobile Apps
      Fri Jan 12 06:26:00 2018
      In 2018, the world will experience three partial solar eclipses and two total lunar eclipses but whether you can see them depends on where you live. [...]
    6. China Launches 2 SuperView Earth-Observation Satellites Into Orbit
      Wed Jan 10 03:39:00 2018
      A Long March 2D rocket successfully launched two new Earth-observing satellites into orbit this week for Beijing Space View Technology in China. [...]
    7. NASA Invites Media to View Orion Test Capsule, Recovery Hardware
      Tue Jan 9 12:00:00 2018
      Media are invited to see a test version of NASAs Orion spacecraft and the hardware that will be used to recover the spacecraft upon its return from space, and talk with team members involved in the recovery operations at 9 a.m. PST Thursday, Jan. 25[...]
    8. NASA Plans to Have WFIRST Space Telescope Reviews Complete by April
      Tue Jan 9 11:04:00 2018
      NASA hopes to have a major astronomy mission back on track by April after completing efforts to reduce its cost, an agency official said Jan. 8. [...]
    9. Previewing 2018s Year of Spectacular Mars Using Mobile Apps
      Thu Jan 4 05:23:00 2018
      Last years big astronomy story was the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, which crossed the U.S. from coast to coast back in August. But for 2018 its Mars! [...]
    10. Bomb Cyclone Swirls Across US East Coast in a Stunning Views of Earth
      Thu Jan 4 01:39:00 2018
      As a powerful bomb cyclone winter storm curls across the U.S. East Coast this morning Jan. 4, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations NOAA GOES-East satellite is snapping stunning images of the Earths surface. [...]

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