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    1. Maybe the Aliens Arent Hiding, theyre Sleeping, Waiting for the Universe to Get Better
      Tue Jun 6 16:18:34 2017
      A new study by a team of researchers from the Future of Humanity Institute argues that the reason we havent detected any aliens is because they are currently sleeping. The post Maybe the Aliens Arent Hiding, theyre Sleeping, Waiting[...]
    2. Still Waiting For Bridenstine
      Fri Jun 2 18:07:11 2017
      Keiths note: On Wednesday 7 June VP Pence will be at JSC for the astronaut announcement thing . The next day there is a markup of the American Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act of 2017 in Washington, DC and Rep. Jim Bridenstine wi[...]
    3. Waiting For Bridenstine
      Wed May 17 08:29:11 2017
      ht LorenGrush I asked Jim Bridenstine when Trump is going to get around to making him NASA administrator. He hasn&39;t heard from them in a month. __ — Haley Byrd byrdinator May 17, 2017 Whatever[...]
    4. Waiting For TrumpSpace
      Sun Dec 4 15:36:49 2016
      Will Trump go to Mars? Nasas nervous wait , The Guardian "The space policies were not very different. People would joke that you could take an editorial by a Republican space person, change a couple of words here and there and then [...]

    1. Waiting Line for Space Station Toilet

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