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    1. Rosetta Comet Water Different From Earth Water
      Tue Aug 15 23:30:20 2017
      The composition of the water vapor on the target comet of the European Space Agencys Rosetta mission is significantly different from that found on Earth. [...]
    2. Rosettas Comet Target Releases Plentiful Water
      Tue Aug 15 00:41:55 2017
      Comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko is releasing the Earthly equivalent of two glasses of water into space every second. [...]
    3. Rosetta Comet Pouring More Water into Space
      Mon Aug 14 19:49:06 2017
      There has been a significant increase in the amount of water "pouring" out of the Rosetta missions comet. [...]
    4. Gullies on Vesta Suggest Past Water-Mobilized Flows
      Mon Aug 14 19:08:27 2017
      Protoplanet Vesta, visited by NASAs Dawn spacecraft from 2011 to 2013, was once thought to be completely dry, incapable of retaining water because of the low temperatures and pressures at its surface. [...]
    5. Hubble Eyes Stratosphere Around a Very Hot, Watery Jupiter!
      Thu Aug 3 17:55:48 2017
      A recent study by a team of astronomers, using data provided by Hubble, has provided the best evidence to date of a stratosphere around an exoplanet. The post Hubble Eyes Stratosphere Around a Very Hot, Watery Jupiter! appeared first on Univers[...]
    6. Space cucumbers may help plants grow better water-seeking roots
      Thu Aug 3 12:34:00 2017
      Away from Earths gravity, cucumber roots head towards water. Mimicking that moisture-seeking behaviour on our planet could help plants adapt to drought[...]
    7. Hubble Detects Exoplanet with Glowing Water Atmosphere
      Wed Aug 2 15:23:18 2017
      Scorching "Hot Jupiter" Has a Stratospheric Layer. Only when we fly in a commercial jet at an altitude of about 33,000 feet do we enter Earths stratosphere, a cloudless layer of our atmosphere that blocks ultraviolet light. Astronomers were fascin[...]
    8. Exoplanet shines with glowing water atmosphere
      Wed Aug 2 12:47:48 2017
      Scientists have found compelling evidence for a stratosphere on an enormous planet outside our solar system. The planets stratosphere -- a layer of atmosphere where temperature increases with higher altitudes -- is hot enough to boil iron. [...]
    9. Good News for Future Moon Bases. Theres Water Inside the Moon
      Tue Jul 25 13:37:01 2017
      A new study by a team from Brown University has revealed evidence of widespread water on the lunar surface, which could also point towards water in the interior. The post Good News for Future Moon Bases. Theres Water Inside the Moon appea[...]
    10. Curiosity Rover Spies Sand Dunes on Mars & Ancient Freshwater Deposits Photos
      Tue Jul 25 06:23:00 2017
      In the last few months, NASAs Mars rover Curiosity has moved to a new locale on Mount Sharp and is trying to learn more about the environment there. These images show the rovers journey around Vera Rubin Ridge. [...]

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