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    1. Is Democratic Opposition To Bridenstine Wavering?
      Thu Jan 18 12:10:55 2018
      Interestingly only one Democrat spoke at all about Bridenstine and it was SenBillNelson . 4 Republicans spoke out in support of Bridenstine. — NASA Watch NASAWatch January 18, 2018 p lang="en[...]
    2. The Gaia Mission Could Moonlight as a Gravitational Wave Detector
      Fri Jan 5 15:10:10 2018
      A team of astronomers from the University of Cambridge recently showed how the Gaia mission could also help in the search for gravitational waves. The post The Gaia Mission Could Moonlight as a Gravitational Wave Detector appeared first on Univ[...]
    3. Mystery Solved? Gravity Waves Behind Jupiters Weird Switching Jet Stream
      Tue Jan 2 06:22:00 2018
      The mystery of Jupiters strangely switching jet stream may have just been solved. The new results could reveal a lot of information about clouds in the atmospheres of planets in our own solar system and those moving through the skies of alien worlds.[...]
    4. Moons Supersonic Shadow Created Waves During the 2017 Solar Eclipse
      Wed Dec 27 07:19:00 2017
      When the moons shadow zipped across the United States during the Great American Solar Eclipse this past August, the shadow traveled so fast it created waves in Earths upper atmosphere, a new study finds. [...]
    5. Gravitational Waves Ushered in New Era of Astronomy in 2017
      Thu Dec 21 01:27:00 2017
      The discovery of gravitational waves last year sent ripples through the entire field of physics. It also ushered in a new era of astronomy. [...]
    6. NASA will take images of its quiet supersonic jets shockwaves
      Tue Dec 19 09:16:00 2017
      When NASA begins testing its supersonic jet , you wont only hear about it -- youll see cool images from the experiments, too. The agency has recently completed a series of flight tests proving that the imaging technique it developed is cap[...]
    7. Outshone Everything in the Universe: Scientist Talks Gravitational Waves in NYC
      Thu Dec 14 00:00:00 2017
      A dedicated scientist engaged an audience of college students and local leaders in New York on the emerging field of gravitational wave astronomy. [...]
    8. Gravitational waves could shed light on the origin of black holes
      Thu Nov 30 13:10:43 2017
      The detection of gravitational waves has given astronomers a new way of looking at the universe, and a new study shows how these ripples in the fabric of spacetime might confirm or rule out the existence of a certain type of black hole. [...]
    9. Gravitational-Wave Detector Catches Lightest Black Hole Smashup Yet
      Fri Nov 17 11:50:00 2017
      The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory LIGO has detected yet another black hole merger their fifth since 2015, and involving some of the lightest black holes the instrument has ever detected. [...]
    10. Listening for gravitational waves using pulsars
      Wed Nov 15 08:25:21 2017
      When galaxies collide, their central black holes tend to spiral toward each other, releasing gravitational waves in their cosmic dance. To explore this uncharted area of gravitational wave science, researchers look a natural experiment in the sky cal[...]

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