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    1. People Really Like Working For NASA - Even More Than Last Year
      Thu Dec 7 09:19:54 2017
      NASAs employee satisfaction continues to soar, report finds , CNN "If youre looking to enjoy working for the federal government, apply to NASA -- its employees are the happiest of any large government agency, according to a report r[...]
    2. Lightfoot Is Working on Some Plan To Reorganize Whatever
      Wed Jun 28 22:18:11 2017
      NASA Internal Memo: Agency Update - June 27, 2017 "Finally, as we work the FY19 budget process, we are preparing to submit our first response to the Executive Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch. We [...]
    3. Apple has NASA minds working on its AR glasses
      Tue Apr 25 07:31:00 2017
      Apple has hired former NASA JPL augmented reality expert Jeff Norris to help shape its AR projects, according to Bloomberg . Based on previous reports, Cupertino has been working on a pair of AR glasses and related features for future[...]
    4. Astronauts Wanted: Working Under Extreme Pressure
      Wed Apr 12 07:13:48 2017
      Its getting down to crunch time for the remaining 32 astronaut candidates. In this video of Astronaut Wanted Episode 3, the candidates go through a second series of aptitude tests pushing them to their limits. Everycan[...]
    5. The Ever-Working Mars Orbiter Passes 50,000 Orbits
      Thu Mar 30 13:54:56 2017
      NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has completed 50,000 orbits. It has now imaged over 99 of the Martian surface. The post The Ever-Working Mars Orbiter Passes 50,000 Orbits appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    6. Thanksgiving in Space: Astronauts Will Be Working and Feasting
      Thu Nov 24 06:17:00 2016
      This Thanksgiving, astronauts aboard the International Space Station ISS will spend the day hard at work before chowing down on a space-friendly version of a traditional turkey dinner. [...]
    7. Small impacts are reworking the moons soil faster than scientists thought
      Fri Oct 14 14:30:28 2016
      The Moons surface is being "gardened" -- churned by small impacts -- more than 100 times faster than scientists previously thought. This means that surface features believed to be young are perhaps even younger than assumed. It also means that any st[...]
    8. Russia is working on a taxi to the moon
      Thu May 26 06:47:00 2016
      A Russian rocket company has announced that its working on a space taxi thatll shuttle crews from the ISS down to the moon. The plans were announced at an international conference on space exploration just outside Moscow and reported by Rus[...]
    9. Working Lego Model of the Earth, Moon, and Sun Is Remarkably 97 Percent Accurate
      Mon Feb 29 10:38:00 2016
      Few Lego builders are as masterful at combining model-making and engineering as Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks . His latest creation, a miniature Lego Orrery depicting the moon orbiting the Earth , and both of them o[...]

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